I have many interest. father of three Adults widowed

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Band Channel for former @MiaPetals channel: New Music Video "Lost In A Dream" officially released on YouTube! https://youtu.be/l4dv03jv2FI #Darkwave #AltRock #GothRock with #FemaleVocals. Digital Tip Jar: https://www.paypal.me/PetalsAndThorns https://linktr.ee/petalsandthorns #Music #NewMusic #NewAlbum #NewMusicDiscovery Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PetalsAndThornsMusic TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@petalsandthornsband Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petalsandthornsband Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/petalsandthorns Website: http://petalsandthorns.net Petals And Thorns has released two studio albums: "The Broken Mirror" (2014) and "The Maid And The Blacksmith" (2020). _______________________________________________________________________________********We DO NOT support (Hate Groups) of any kind, nor any person that represents them. We ask anyone who identifies with such views to refrain from subscribing to us. Any attempt at communication by such persons will result in being blocked and reported to Minds Admin.

Crypto is where I make my money. Photography is where I spend it

I honor Nicholas Sandmann on my profile pic. I've recently yielded some of my concerns to a schism called "clownworld"; which is what constitutes the forefront priority to which our human attention is being forced to review in the magnifying glass images from the media, politics, entertainment, schools, town squares, and of course social media. I am hailing from Santee; just east of San Diego, CA - USA. Living in the illusion like most of you. Truth, light, painfully real, respect, valor. All regarded highly. Clownworld Concerns: - American Islamic jihad - extreme leftism - SJW policies - fake news - endgame - 2A attacks - 1A attacks - false narratives - corporate fascism - "lefts" trumping others' rights - conservative/altnews censorship agenda Entertainment? How much are you entertaining yourself vs THEM entertaining you? Ya, you are being mesmerized and don't even know it. Follow me for information discernment like you've not seen before. Well, if you're on Minds, maybe you have. C A U S ES #UnsealEpstein #MAGA T O P I CS #science #physics #technology #astronomy #christianity #reality #thematrix #perception #truth #propaganda #woke #redpill #mind #puppetmasters #sorcery #humannature #conservative #empathy #ethics #freedom #rights #morality #humor #scifi #fantasy ... @Redjackal Minds.com 2015

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Renaissance Woman💄/ NFT Crypto Artist 🎨/Bitcoin Babe/ In God I Trust 🙏/ 💎👐 💥NFTs & Stickers for sale💥 https://linktr.ee/Fullmetalmagdalene https://www.fullmetalmagdalene.com

Patriot, twisted sense of humor, Trump is MY President, Love the USA, Tarot Reader, Spritual Guidance and a Walking Contradiction

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