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Science and spirit are two sides of the same coin. As are technology and magic.
I explore trails, Photograph & Video nature, and enjoy life! All Original Images Here :) Current Camera setup: Camera Bodys: Canon R6, Panosonic GH5, Canon M50 Lenses: Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 (for GH5 w/Viltrox Speedbooster) Canon 10-18mm Ultrawide f4-f5.6 (for m50 w/adapter) Canon 24-105mm f4 (for R6) Canon 32mm ef-m f1.4 (for m50) Lens Filters: Tiffen CPL, K&F Concepts ND Peak Design Slide-Lite strap EveCase XL Camera Bag Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Action Cam: Yi-Lite with full accessory kit Memory Cards: Angelbird 256gb V60 X2 Angelbird 64 gb V60 X2 SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB -=Longtime Supporters, Dedicated Subscribers, & Generous Donators=- @Chesschats @Kitch23 @Fishman @r3k4b @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche @Tesilovo @goldpointe @LindaDM @FoxFox @Lowther @Slania @Jacquesmarchal @Eucelia_Gardens312 @Mikepickard Thank you for the continued support! Please check out their channels and subscribe!
"Try, if you will, to arrest a man who wears suicide in his buttonhole" - Jacques Rigaut MindsMinus is now my account image. I post what I believe is true. Perhaps I am wrong. Let me know if you think so. I also post satire that may be confused with fact. Please check sources I list. Please inquire if it is unclear. I am not an investment professional. When I share my thoughts please realize they are stream of consciousness. Please research and make your own decisions. Cryptocurrency and other investments are inherently dangerous and may easily result in the loss of your investment. Invest with care. I am just some dead French poet on the internet; I am not your investment advisor. I appreciate Free Speech and I attempt to follow applicable laws so my writing falls under Free Speech protections. I do not give permission for my writing to be saved or processed in government or corporate systems beyond the minimal required to appear on Minds. Please contact me with any questions.
Self Taught Artist, Hacker. Founder of the NorCal Figurative Art Guild Proud member and founder of the Minds' Figure Drawing Guild
Comedian, Activist, Host of Redacted Tonight
This project was founded by multiple creators scattered across Houston, Philadelphia, Berlin, Beirut, and New York with one common objective: To test our own curiosity across the various mediums we are submerged in. With plans to initially launch in May of 2020, the Coronavirus had other ideas for us. Shackled to our desks, watching the world become more dangerous by the day, the next logical the next logical step was to ‘dance with who brung ya.’ For those of y’all that don’t know, that is Texas slang for ‘remain dedicated to your raison d’etre.’ For those of y’all that don’t know, that’s French for ‘the purpose for something’s existence.’ So here we are—a few disparate voices with a lot of ground to cover. Our ‘editorial direction,’ or rather lack thereof, is underpinned more so by what we preclude rather than what we include. No pseudoscience, no partisanship, no virtue signaling, and no sanctimony. We fancy ourselves as journalists time to time but sometimes dwell on the limited humanity of such a title. Imagine for a moment there was somebody in your life who ignored you until they needed something and then disappeared forever unless you had something wanted again. So goes the life of a ‘journalist,’ a seemingly harmless term and title that is now saddled with the sad reality of what journalists are in a human context. Human to human, person to person, journalists make formal, temporary relationships with those they need information from and then disappear into the Serengeti like the hyenas they are. We seek long term relationships with our subjects and subject matter and friendships that allow for candor that is otherwise withheld. We won’t spare you from hearing that we would rather be storytellers, archivists, ethnographers, and even sometimes, activists. Though we’re not sure what that even means anymore. We are firm believers that gallows humor is well important shit, and we have laid out a few expectations to help you better understand where we are going with this ‘thing.’ Our writers prefer cacophony to harmony. This ain’t no fuckin chorus. People here don’t agree with each other on just about anything. If you seek homogenized, congruent world-views, this is not the place. We have no boundaries. Nothing is off limits. If some necromancer could bring Genghis Khan back from his grave in Khentii Aimag, we would interview him. We’re not promising anything. We can’t promise when we will update this site. We can’t promise that it will be good. We can’t even promise we will try our best. What we can promise you is that we won’t promise you anything. No need to lower your expectations. We see the stuff the other guys around these parts are churning out and it seems your standards are already pretty low. We are going to fit right in. Just not in the way you think we will. We’re all in deep shit. If you are old enough to have lived through the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11, you are a lucky son of a bitch. That was the apex of Pax Americana and it is not going to get any better than that. It is probably true that if we do not get our planet in order we will need to get our affairs in order.
W░i░s░h░ ░y░o░u░ ░w░e░r░e░ ░h░e░r░e░!
Anime, retro gaming, fitness, casual Yu-Gi-Oh player City pop, future funk, synthwave, plastic soul, regatta de blanc
Spiritual Teacher/Writer/Artist & Advocate For Herbalism
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Oct 2020
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