Raj Jawa
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I'm an Actor and Content creator currently working a kitchen sink strategy to my career.
Crypto Elite Elliott
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We are a Group of traders who are eager to Master the Art of Chart Reading using the Elliott Wave Theory. Come and join us on our journey to Financial Freedom. https://t.me/eliteelliott You can support this channel here: BTC 12Vc6sQM2SS3ZgA1TeLP6ToMoQDVGgj1SJ ETH 0x4F918756926F2f401e4dcfC641B12Af7E3E5147E

Bioluminescent repellent Libertarian leaning Crypto Populist

The Walkshow Podcast
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An open conversation #podcast with guest #interviews from every walk of life, and #music baked into the listen.

Easy going guy, unless you get on my bad side! If it wasn't for stupid people, there wouldn't be any smart people... rebuilding the empire I had on Twitter somewhere that free speech is allowed... Always excepting donations at https://www.paypal.me/TylerCasper

Blue That Blue One
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Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/blue_that_blue_one Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3HIccI1nXQxVZveZ6_dSw FA/DA - theblueonethemself SoFurry - thatblueone Weasyl - thatblueone Twitter - Blue_ThatBluOne Mostly left leaning | Atheist Bisexual | Male | Autistic: Aspergers Syndrome Prounouns: He | Him | They | Blue

Gamer who is passionate in making games.. I make programs too! Not open for commission bc busy

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• Architect & Photographer. Lives in Tokyo Japan. • Hope if you follow me: ➠ www.youtube.com/ToshiLee

Chris Daniel Crabtree
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💡Your Digital Stash guild leader💡 #mindscrypto 🚀 storyteller 🏰 videogamer 🎮 booksniffer 📚 poet 👠 web content writer 🖊 💻 — https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1193954174551486464/feed

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I created a youtube channel & now it's on Minds :D On my channel, I use cheat discs, cartridges and SD Cards to cheat on retro consoles :D

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Dec 2012
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