November 5th

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Test remind
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If you see me "typing..." and I stop it's because I have typed the same word several times and still can't sound it right #mindscommunicate
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Mega Man Zero 3: Copy X MKII

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My roommate was worried that her personal messages were being censored during a conversation with a friend, when one of his links wouldn't send. I'm not sure that's happening...yet anyways. But I joked and told her Mercury was going into retrograde (we're in the shadow period; "buckle up buttercup") so... I'm always on the fence about this retrograde business, but this morning, I'm thinking it a pretty hilarious synchronicity. I get the feeling the universe is pretty fed up with our attitudes towards each other. Mercury is about communication. Communication and CONNECTION. This reaches into our bodies, like the nervous system, and expands towards commerce through exchange. So I could see how a link that was just going to perpetuate hate, might have been prevented (censored! EEEK). "Like, you see the truth, stop engaging in childish and toxic behavior. You won't? Okay toddler, I will help you." Like being cut off at the bar. Roll motive check, on yourself. How serious are you going to be about living your truth? Saturn is in Capricorn, the architect. Infrastructure. It has to do with boundaries, both setting and resetting them. The ways in which we interact and crate the world, the way in which we communicate is very much in the spotlight with Big Tech concerns on the marco level. You will need to curate your output and it's effects on the mirco level. Both without and within. Your body is listening. What do you say about your health that builds it? What boundaries will you need to cross to heal and what will you need to put up in order to stand strong? What do you say about others? Are you capable of communicating the truth effectively? What use is petty bullshit? Upgrade your humor, upgrade your connections. Not every person is meant to connect with everyone else. I believe we are on fractals. That doesn't mean we can't be civil, fostering positive and beneficial relationships.
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CRYO - Marage

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AFTER THE DUST SETTLED, WE FOUND EACH OTHER UNDER THE FREEDOM MOON, 8x10, ink on watercolour paper. Check availability in my shop: brokentoyland.com/forsale.htm

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I'm not trying to be rude but I'm seeing a lot of images pulled from the internet, memes, nature pics, etc... in the Minds+ feed. Minds+ is for original content...If it's not your own work, you're not supposed to post it to Minds+. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong 😊 With Minds+ being for original creators, when I visit the + section and see a bunch of memes and photos from Google it is disappointing. I could go to Google for that.
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