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PP Guide

Professor PopulistFeb 22, 2021, 4:46:33 PM

A repository of various projects, groups, and writings. Please pardon the construction, both on this page and the ones linked to. I believe in working in the open, showcasing clearly unfinished things, and hoping that it will encourage others to join in and shape the future forms in ways I could never have imagined on my own.

The PP Asylum



I'm running for President of the United States in 2084. These are my campaign promises.

PS: All other positions are still available so start kissing ass early!

PP Behind the Curtain


Behind the scenes looks at various things:

PP Commentary


Analysis & commentary on current events, history, entertainment, and more.



PP NewsBrief


A collection of news clippings on a variety of topics. I attempt to sift through a small part of the constant information dump and pull out pieces that can help people make some sense of the jumble.

PP Polls


A collection of polls on a variety of issues. I'm hoping that (since Minds offers no official polling features) by using the comments section people will be encouraged to provide more nuanced responses that can spark some conversations.

PP Quotes


A collection of quotes from a variety of people, both famous & not.

PP Radio


A bit of music to set the mood for the week ahead.

PP Tips

#PPTips Archives

A collection of tips on an ever-expanding list of topics.

The Church of Professor Populist


A collection of musings. It's the place to be if you want to #worship me, #curse me, or just attempt to turn me into the #leader of a #cult. Knock yourselves out.

Asylum Annexes

Admit Your Ignorance

#AdmitYourIgnorance Group

We're all ignorant about some things. Sometimes so ignorant we bumble into something making us look quite foolish. Other times we end up causing real damage and maybe even hurting others. Well what if you just admitted your ignorance and then others helped you remedy it? Wouldn't that be a better solution?



The new Space Race is nothing but a way for billionaires to get you to pay for their toys and inflate their egos. You evolved over millions of years to be adapted to this very rock you find yourself riding through the vacuum of space. There's nothing out there that you, those living at this present moment, will find that's better than this planet right here.

This is our only home. We need to defend it against those who wish to use it as nothing more than a launching pad for their epic sci-fi fantasies. Average people keep in mind: In these fantasies you're probably an exploited pawn.

Building the Next Americans


Any movement which does not seek to reclaim the minds of the youth from these propagandists is doomed to fail. We need an army of #ChildSoldiers but rather than put machine guns into their hands we need to put true critical thinking skills into their minds.

As we hear more and more horror stories about Critical Race Theory and anti-racist math and the like more and more people are beginning to pay more attention to what their children are learning.

So we must then decide what kind of American do we need to be creating in 2021? The most important act of any generation is what it does to prepare the next to inherit the world, so this is no small task. Bits and pieces of the final product lie scattered around, both online and in minds (the offline kind). Let this serve as a collection point, a meeting place, a crossroads for those bits and pieces to coalesce into one unified whole.

Don't Drug Kids


Dear Transgender Folx, 
Furries like to dress up like animals but that doesn't make them transspecies. Not even if they convince some hack "doctor" to give them a trunk or a tail or make them a dolphin. And if they were lurking around kids telling them they should get a trunk or a tail or become a dolphin? Well...it would be real clear who the predator is in that situation.

You can do what you like with your body but you don't get to prey on the underdeveloped minds of children while hiding behind a cloak of victimhood.

Hail to the Thief


Did the Democrats steal the Presidency? Well you don't need a magic 8-ball to tell you signs point to yes. But we've had stolen elections before. And as before we have multiple options.

MAGA Shadow Government


The MAGA Shadow Government is an umbrella, not a traditional organization itself. Underneath the umbrella varying "wings" have their own organizational structures which would be more or less traditional (ex. Political Wing is likely a more credential-heavy place than the Guerrilla Wing). Joining the MAGA Shadow Government is much like joining Anonymous. It's a collection of signposts at the fork in a road rather than the destination itself. But it can point to and tie into less abstract organizations, events, and ideas.

Think of it as one of those old oil platforms or ships they scuttle to provide a place for a new coral reef to form. That's what we're trying to do. And hopefully do it in a way that encourages new people, people who don't have the slightest clue about a political movement, to feel like they can join up and not feel like dead weight or at the mercy of a group of "wise movement veterans." And sorry-not-sorry movement veterans: we wouldn't be here if you folks had all the answers. So make sure you practice good listening skills too!

We need to build leadership from the ground up, organically and beyond the control of the traditional political party structures. And we need a platform where we can play with ideas and experiment when the stakes can be lower so that when we Take Our Country Back we're actually prepared to keep it.

Make America Great Again... Tomorrow


Closing the day out with a simple suggestion on how you can begin to Make America Great again...tomorrow. Had Donald Trump engaged in a similar project during his four years perhaps we would find ourselves living in a very different America today.

Suggestions always welcome!

Open Source Government

#OpenSourceGov Group

A place to organize around and discuss open source initiatives in local, state, and federal governments in order to allow our communities to divest from BigTech companies such as Microsoft and Google.

Getting your mayor to switch to Linux can be just the start. This concept can extend much further into governance and include areas like legislation and policy. See here for a primer.

We need to begin to reclaim control over the institutions which have such oversized roles in our lives. As you read this people work tirelessly to see to it that you are dumb and docile. Let's stop them.

Protect the First

#ProtectTheFirst Group

What you hear (or don't) can influence how you think, what you believe, even how you perceive reality.

"What goes unsaid eventually eventually goes unthought" (Steve Sailer)

Now more than ever we need the freedom to speak out.



The goal of this enterprise is to hopefully provide an activity which will prove both humbling & empowering. My desire is that this will help you think about your beliefs and hopefully push you to learn more about areas where you come up short.

I also wanted to make this something more theoretical so that people can really tap into their creativity without having to worry about practical reality just yet. So these sketches do not need to include a path from here to there. Though I would encourage you to keep them within the realm of reality in terms of existing technology & physical rules (e.g. no faster-than-light travel and gravity still exists) in order for the final products to be most useful in our future endeavors.

I've put together a list of things that you'll likely want to consider & address. But feel free to add your own as well since mine is probably incomplete. After all, this is YOUR society you're sketching.

Sounds of Skin


A place for more artistic & abstract fare.

Sprinting to Singularity


There is a group of people who are working to redefine what being human means, what is natural, what is ethical, what is acceptable in civilized society. These people ultimately wish to see the human race itself destroyed. For them we are nothing but a resource to be mined for the birth of the eventual superior being.

You know what other creatures operate in such a fashion? Parasites. Think of things like the wasp whose eggs are laid inside a caterpillar, the caterpillar then eaten from the inside out to provide nourishment for the incubating invader. This is what we face. The Final Cage is our current destination as a species unless enough of us shatter the infernal creation before its too late...

The Boycott Brigade

#WeaponizedWallet Group

All about organizing and using our collective spending power to starve the beast feasting on our civil liberties.

The Greater Reset

#TheGreaterReset Group

The Greater Reset (not my creation) is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset. It is a movement to share and discuss the diverse opportunities available for those who seek to live in harmony with humanity and the planet, while respecting our innate freedom.

This is a place to discuss both The Great Reset and the pushback against it (which includes projects like The Greater Reset).

The New Nuremberg Commission


The New Nuremberg Commission is a place to organize around the idea of human rights abuse trials relating to the gross violations of human rights that have occurred during the "pandemic".

We need to take advantage of the international nature of the Minds community. We've all seen how foreign news outlets whose reporters often lack important context can spin and misinform about our own countries. It is important to separate the facts from the clickbait and the actual news from the local tabloids to make our case as strong as it can be.

So Minds community: lets each begin using our own unique strengths, experiences, and locations on this big blue marble to begin building the case, country by country, continent by continent, that gross violations of human rights have occurred, that gross violations of human rights are still occurring, and that we must say: "Never Again

We the People


The elite seek to highlight our differences so that they face no unified opposition. We're not all going to like the same things or want to belong to the same groups. In fact, a world in which we did sounds like some kind of totalitarian hellscape to me. So even though we're fighting the same enemy we don't all need to do it the same way. It is important to avoid unnecessary friendly fire, but we should not consider honest & fair critique to be such.

If I can play some small role in helping knit the coalition of #WeThePeople together then I will consider it time well spent.