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Is humanity destined to remain on the same cycle or will there be a disturbance or interruption in the sequence? You decide! First part of video mirrored from Carol Allen on Ruby Ray Media from Junior JFK on display is Camelot on the way? Final song from Eye of the Tiger (Epic...See more


Hey everyone! Got word that I was being suspended and censored on Facebook while I was at an Alter Bridge concert. How weird is that when their new album is called Pawns and Kings? I give more info on Zuckie burger or who most know as Zuckerberg. Can you believe that poor goat he...See more


Red Pill Nation Hangout #300 Red Pill Nation Hangout #300 0. 15:41 A walk down memory lane for RPN 1. 38:04 10th Anniversary for Donglegate, The Manosphere 10 years later 2. 1:06:16 San Francisco is preparing for $5...See more


Did you see the EMP Ring over Italy? What are your thoughts on the fires that broke out at a recycling plant in Indiana in which evacuation orders for over 2,000 people were given April 11.2023 a vacant church in the Bridgeport neighborhood Morning of 4.10.2023 at 8:22 a.m. is...See more

thumb_upthumb_downchat_bubble Red Pill Nation Hangout #294 6:04 Women dismissed testifying for Andrew Tate because the judge decided that they were brainwashed
24:53 Online Misogyny set to be outlawed in Great Britain
50:24 Ex-Playboy model Kelsey Turner...See more

thumb_upthumb_downchat_bubble Red Pill Nation Hangout #293 1. 10:04 Vera Jourova: The United States will soon make Hate Speech Illegal and other WEF news 2. 31:50 Project Veritas Phizer is engaging in gain-of-function research to expand their bottom...See more


Hear Melissa tell the story of seeing the children from Covenant School coming out of the woods as she was driving along the road. Hear how she helped a pregnant mother, which reminded her of when she was pregnant just a little over 10 years ago when her son was in the S.H....See more

thumb_upthumb_downchat_bubble Red Pill Nation Hangout #292 1. 11:09 The Amorous case of Maegen Hall and the Lavergne Police Department 2. 1:08:21 Wizards of the Coast changes legal terms for its Dungeons and Dragons RPG and takes a huge hit over it 3. 1:47:05 NHL...See more

thumb_up1thumb_downchat_bubble Red Pill Nation Hangout #291 1. 5:50 The New Owner of Miss Universe is Dude who thinks he's a lady 2. 36:46 Velma cartoon series is REALLY bad 3. 58:10 YouTube goes on another demonetization spree 4. 1:14:23 Steve...See more

thumb_upthumb_downchat_bubble It's usually a good thing when you can deal with a problem yourself. The Woke crowd though has zero issues with mobs, mass doxxing, etc. When you encounter something like this never be too proud to ask for assistance. In fact in some cases the people you may go up against? They want you on your own Fully active and ALL videos are on Odysee please subscribe there as well Most recent episodes have been uploaded to Rumble