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Everything Massive Once Wasn't

Professor PopulistJan 30, 2021, 5:39:47 PM

Propaganda is like a brick wall or a tile floor. You just need enough little pieces.

By embracing unreality as much as our society has, we have altered the understandings of how the world operates, what average people look, sound, and act like, how change is made, and more. Media portrayals have utterly transformed too many's interactions with one another. Inspiring monologues, impassioned pleas, stuff that sounds fantastic provided you don't do any digging or try to take into account the actual complex past or unknown possible futures. These are the types of nonsense that sway people throughout history, and yet our culture has amplified them and spread them to all corners of the globe to previously impossible levels.

Just as our current unreality was built, piece by piece, so too can we forge our new reality. It doesn't take grand acts. It doesn't require you to don warpaint and run around in the mud. Just find your section of wall and start at it. Devise a plan. Talk to your friends. Form an affinity group. Start small. Everything massive was once a single atom. It doesn't matter if someone way over there is doing it. We need you to do it too so if that someone over there falls you're still here going at it with your crew. Share ideas often. Work bigger when absolutely necessary.

Evolve. Iterate. You can do these things so much better in small groups. We need you to experiment. Let's figure out what works. We need to do it soon because the ruling elite are CONVINCED they know what's best. And if we don't end up with a viable alternative...If we don't end up with something that is going to rally & unify enough people against it? Well Game Over people. There's no "Would you like to restart from a previous save?" prompt waiting for us. We're all out of quarters. The bars of The Final Cage would seem to all be in place. The only step remaining is to lure us inside and slide the door closed.

The melding of psychology, marketing, censorship, genetic modification, economics, etc into one all-encompassing religion were necessary to bring us to this point. And make no mistake, this is not simply about destroying your way of life as you previously knew it, this project will change all life as we know it. It is no exaggeration to say that these people wish to re-engineer humanity itself and they possess the hubris to believe that they can, and the ignorance to believe that they should.

Forcing changes to your beliefs are only just the beginning. Widespread acceptance of mRNA vaccines is simply the foot in the door, this technology has the potential to lead to an attempt at an entirely new evolutionary track for humans (and likely other "useful" species as well). We're hurtling towards what should be bright red lines. Yet far too many seem colorblind.

The elite actually want to make themselves physically different from you, not just symbolically different. That's their goal. Transhumanism. Technocracy. Especially the censorious and tyrannical Silicon Valley types. It's madness. It's suicidal folly.

If we allow ourselves to be lured into The Final Cage there will be no escape once that door slams shut. This would not be a setback, this would be the end.

But we know most people don't actually want this. They want a clean & stable place to raise their kids. They want to contribute to their communities. They want to be able to educate & express themselves uncensored. They don't want to be nitpicked and monitored and manipulated every waking moment of their day. Take away all the advertising and marketing and BS and people just want to lead simple, productive, peaceful lives.

So why the hell can't we figure out how to do that in 2021? It's not going to look like it did in 1776. But the tools of 1776 and it's aftermath still currently provide us all that we need to attempt to ascertain this. The elite are now clamoring to take away some of these tools. This is deeply concerning because there is one tool that they can never take away: The willingness of a person to sacrifice their life in pursuit of a noble goal.

An animal backed into a corner will bite. But this doesn't guarantee a good outcome for the animal.