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Promethean Heavy Metal Musician. Just another Illegal Aryan working to change the world with the Power of Heavy Metal. I'm currently collaborating with some amazing content creators and recording a nine song concept album based on the book, Prometheus Rising, by Jason Kohne. Please feel free to check out my Epic Metal Compositions here: If you enjoy my content and want to help me create more of it, please visit me here: Thanks for your encouragement and support. It keeps me going!

'The day will come when all the lies will crumble under their own weight.'

NS MurdochMurdoch Fan I will sacrifice my life for the 14 words To eradicated (((them))) once and for all from this planet Earth. To leave in Peace, surrounded by my Race, who need for a vast majority to WAKE THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW!!! 88!

Feb 2020
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