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@prodefamationleague WTVIDEO ⁣18 US CODE 2261 STALKING WITH INTENT TO HARM, INJURE, HARASS, KILL CAUSE SUBSTANTIAL EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. /> AIRCRAFT - Wherever a targeted individual goes they are always being tracked by aircraft . The most prevalent (and easy to see), in my case at least, is a small white propeller aircraft and less frequently a dark helicopter. Low-flying jet planes are also used to constantly remind the target they are being watched. NPAS AIR STALKERS NPAS KILLERS GOYIMTV

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I love meme, i'm a free speech absolutist, if you can't understand sarcasm you might think i'm stupid, and you'd be mostly correct ! I'm a huge video game enthusiast, not just playing them but knowing them and hopefully one day get to make one, not just work on them. I have a YouTube gaming channel, please consider subscribing !

Stuff all over the board ! Not a one trick pony!

Huyendo de la censura totalitaria de facebook

Travis Atkins
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All comers are welcome and very encouraged to examine all of the information at this site... download, copy and share anything you like. ...or...

Female Atheist Youtuber, adept at debate about philosophy and apologetics. Godless Discord Server Owner, Welfare Queen

London Indie Filmmaker making Sci-Fi films

Feb 2020
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