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Overall I consider myself a Social Democrat.I advocate for a Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics, Single Payer, Infrastructure spending, Renewable Energy, Im for the dismantlement of Affirmative Action( I consider myself a Anti-Cultural Marxist) and Anti-Religious 2nd Account: @SocialDemon69
Trying to make friends with people who want to talk about important political issues, Scientific breakthroughs and more Main Account: @TheSocialDem69
Video commentary... politics, left-hating centrist, very much opposed to feminism, gay, sounds like a 14 year old drag queen (but is in my mid-30s).
Media for a new paradigm
Geo-politics | Self Improvement | Socialpreneur | History
I am no longer allowed on twitter, so I am here.
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That guy with the dog. "Comedian". Lolbertarian. Youtuber. Free-Speech advocate. E-Scot. Salt farmer. Go away gubmint. Proud owner of a microdick.
Debunking mostly religious claims. If you like my videos, you can help keep my work going through Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/logicked
I often scream into the void. But the void tells me to fuck off. 22 and vibin minors NOT welcome here. Go away.
United States
Jul 2019
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