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Where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.
Issues about race, ethnicity, migrations etc. Exposing race baiters who try to exploit identity politics to gain power and money. Supporting those who fight race baiting. Here is an excellent web site by Christopher Harris, whom I've known for over 10 years:
Recommended Frontline Doctor, Syed Haider protocols for Covid healing, prevention, and vaccine injury. Website: Phone: USA +1 (281)-219-7367 Thank you contributors for being respectful and only posting Covid-19 related research articles in this group. Reminding your own post helps to distribute the word among your network so please do. Dispelling the Coronavirus lies of the Main Street Media, Globalist Health Organizations, governments, pharmaceutical industry, politicians and others. Feel free to share your scientific.research articles and alt-media information exposing the lies that shut down the world.
A study of glossolanostics from the term glossololia to speak in tongues or of the tongue. Glossolalia, also known as speaking in tongues, is a phenomenon that has been observed in many religious and spiritual traditions throughout history. The term comes from the Greek words "glossa," meaning "tongue," and "lalein," meaning "to speak."
Millions around the world being tortured to death with top secret weapons. Visit Share help end the evil.
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This is Nr. 1 meme group for bigoted humor on minds since 2021. Admins: @edzhus @greenpatriot @Tay_Tweets_ReBorn @admontblanc and few more secret ones. We also have telegram group and telegram chat if you want to get in touch Similar group of friendlies: π•Ύπ–π–Žπ–™π–‘π–”π–—π–‰π–˜ π•½π–Šπ–‡π–”π–—π–“ #nsfw #meme #humor #bigot #racist #antisemitism #misogyny #sexism #homophobia #transphobia #islamophobia #nigger #kike #spic #chink #gook #hitlerdidnothingwrong #pajeet #shitskin #faggot #tranny #arbeitmachtfrei
Preface It was thought that the Garden of Eden is somewhere in Iraq, known in the bible as Mesopotamia. But recently, there was a discovery in the Red Sea, North West of Saudi Arabia, South of Iraq. A friend of my father's named Mannesh (who has passed) was originally from India, but his work took him worldwide, and he spent considerable time in the Middle East. Shortly after he had returned to the United States, he visited my father. He told him that his company (during an excavation), had accidentally uncovered a burial ground, near a waterway, in Aqaba, where several ancient scrolls were well preserved. These were not the same scrolls found in the Dead Sea further North in 1947. Mannesh did not say how many of these "Red Sea" scrolls were found, nor did he have the originals, but he had taken pictures and had that language (one he did not recognize) translated while he was there. Now I knew Mannesh and his wife had even babysat me and my siblings while I was growing up, and he was not the type of person to exaggerate or perpetrate some elaborate joke (hoax) at my father's expense. And he was certainly no storyteller. He spoke from what he called the "Scrolls of Creation." I just happened to overhear their conversation when I walked in on them one day after school. And after listening to Mannesh for a short while, I asked him if I could take some notes. He just nodded politely and continued speaking. Adam and Eve wrote these Scrolls after they were exiled from the Garden of Eden. Until recently, I had not seen these notes, which (at the time of this book) were taken almost 35 years ago. Fantastic Coincidence??? Hardly. These notes meant nothing to a 15-year-old child other than a good story that could not be easily dismissed. After a few hours, we had dinner; Mannesh said his goodbyes, and I never saw him again. My parents eventually divorced, and my father also passed. After he did, my mom started cleaning out her closet because she had things that belonged to both of t
Global Warming was a hoax. The Carbon Footprint was a fear tactic used to sell electric cars. Nobody wanted to switch over -until an engineer discovered a way to convert cellphone signals into electric currents. Now you NEVER need to buy fuel again because every new car can connect to the Internet through a satellite signal -right? Transhumanism: The future car has Artificial Intelligence; it is self-aware and evolved from the fusion of nanotechnology and brain cells. The tissue from aborted fetuses. It was supposed to be the perfect machine. But as an unintended consequence, it had subconscious desires, deadly desires that no one was aware of... until it was too late!!!
My name is Oscar, and I'm a Grinch. The meanest, ugliest personality you will ever meet. And I stay in my house all the time and rarely come out because of it. I am frequently confused with another character of the same name who is homeless and lives in a Trash Can. His name is Oscar too, but he lives one block over on Sesame. But unlike him, I chase the children away from my house, when I see them playing in the street. And sometimes they call me names because of it. They think I hate them, but its because we have people, who drive their F-350s fifty miles per hour down my street, all hours of the day and night. I know this because I can hear them four blocks away. Their engines are very loud, and sometimes they wake me up at night. Sometimes they will stop, in front of my house and peel out. Other times they drive so recklessly down my narrow street that I have to veer over to avoid being hit. Now, I leave only when it's absolutely necessary. And even then I have to take my camera and record the things that happen to me so people can see exactly why I am the way I am.
Rise of the Witch Mark was the handsome, arrogant, spoiled little rich kid, who grew up getting everything he wanted, and it came easy until Jeanie arrived. Jeanie, the beautiful redhead whose emerald-green eyes held secrets, showed compassion, and maybe just a hint of danger, sparkled with magic that entranced all who could see it. But Mark was used to having everything he wanted, so the effects of her hypnotic beauty would not last long. Or so he thought. The more aggressively he pursued her, the cooler her response. Hard to get? Try impossible. Jeanie was not something to be won, like a prize or conquest. If anything, those characteristics had the opposite effect; they drove her away instead of drawing her nearer. Then caught off-guard in the heat of passion, Jeanie let her guard down for just a moment leaving her vulnerable. Bad mistake for a woman who thought she was immune to the love of a man she knew would exploit her every weakness. But she could forgive him even that. It wasn't his fault. Mark was raised to be the epitome of success, which meant conquering by any means necessary. In the modern world, this was through money because money was power! Mark didn't know that other parties were equally interested in Jeanie, for their reasons, just as selfish but not as benign. Jeanie's name was based on the word Genealogy. This was a secret keyword that designated her rank within a large network of families who worked for the shadowy branches of the government. Jeanie was needed because of her heritage. She was valuable, like her parents, who worked for them. But they were expendable if Jeanie could be acquired instead. Jeanie was not a woman who would allow her life to be defined by something as arbitrary as a bloodline, nor would she permit herself to be used as an instrument of evil by a secret faction, no matter what they promised; no-matter what they threatened. If Jeanie did not come willingly, they would take her by force and initiate her into their circle with a hellish ritual that woul
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