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./} ./} ( - – ) (') (’))o ...occupy your heart... --- -.-. -.-. ..- .--. -.-- | -.-- --- ..- .-. | .... . .- .-. -

Conscious-themed commentary for the youth. Awakening, educating, and enlightening the next-generation. HISTORY: It was the summer of 2015. Two young friends started a podcast after realizing their generation is headed for the gutter. After 1 month of podcasting, Dissent Radio was discovered and picked up by Bud and Roach Entertainment, now distributing the show to their global audience of grassroots listeners. MISSION STATEMENT: To awaken, enlighten, and educate the youth into becoming independent and self-aware individuals. ​ VISION: Uniting those of critical and investigative thought in order to spark about a revolution of consciousness. Notable guests: Dr Jill Stein, Luke Rudowski, and Christina Tobins! Available on http://www.spreaker.com/show/dissent-radio

3d animator and generalist for all things cg :)

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http://therealstream.net/ The Internet's Truth Portal. Hello Everyone, We are a news and information amalgamation and archival site similar to Drudge but truthful, accurate, relevant, and without left or right bias. We are 100% independent; nobody owns us. We operate anonymously. We have no partisan, ideological, or other biases, except towards goodness and truth. We will not hold back on ANYTHING. Our co-founders have been incessantly and passionately researching world events, the mystery schools, history, and all other necessary areas of knowledge for understanding such subjects for over 10 years. According to the Gladwell rule, we are experts. However we don't know it all. None of us do. Which is why we choose to amalgamate from researchers and authorities that we have found to be accurate over the years. We don't need the spotlight. We're here to work with the community and be a synthesizing force for the information that real truth tellers have been, and are continuing to, tell. Let's all work together, the task ahead of us is mighty, but darkness fears the light. Got good info? Let us know: Email: [email protected].

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Act Out! covers the news corporate media won't touch, stories from the front lines of our movements to fight and build and just a dash of spoken word, visual art and snark. Blend and enjoy.

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Jun 2015
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