National Socialist with Korean characteristics

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Join me as I travel the USA in search of Solutions. I'm the co founder of a little startup with a huge mission - Update: October 2019: Hey folks! Thanks for checking out my channel and for all your support! - I'm the co-founder of NatureHub app ( a platform I've invested the past 4 years into bringing to life. It's a community to connect conscious people and businesses to make the world a better place. I hope you will join us there! - This is my backup channel for my twitter acct. So in case twitter censors or bans me -this channel will become my main channel. - If you need to reach me, feel free to get in touch through any of my main active social media accounts below: tw: @jharveylewis fb: jharveylew email: [email protected] - I've been traveling for the past 4 months and inactive here due to the constraints of living on the road- uploading to lots platforms requires good connection and lots of time which I often don't have. I very much believe in alternative platforms like and want to see them grow, but sadly my mainstream channels (fb/tw/lkdn) have gained more traction, and so with limited time and resources for me to get my upstart NatureHub going and needing to avoid social media / computer burnout I have to put this acct on the back burner temporarily.

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