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http://truththeory.com Truth Theory is a news media publication facilitating the empowerment of humanity using honest, solution-based and thought-provoking ideas Get our free ebook: https://truththeory.org/

Read the Bible in 100+ Languages with Audio.

ABOUT KG ARMS HUNTER SHOOTER OWNED COMPANY Your needs our goals priority Wir benutzen und testen unsere Produkte We sell what we use! https://kg-arms.de

I'm the gamer CALLED MERCENARYREVY ON XBOX. I'm owner of MERCRED. Motto:Do or don't there is no try. money talks B's walks.

STORMZ OV KREATION with VINNIUM & co. returns on Minds, Diaspora & Multiversal, re-est. October 13th, 2021. Mostly music. Mostly metal. Interestingly, this show has been dormant for 13 years, since moving on from CKDU 88.1 in Halifax. Happy Halloween 2021. 🤘 Cheers. #music #sports #art #entertainment #trending https://www.minds.com/stormzovkreation https://sysad.org/u/stormzovkreation https://multiversal.boards.net

Space rock from the UK👽all songs available to download FREE on reverbnation.com 👽👽👽

just another seeker in poetry, religion, and the paranormal...finding love sometimes and conversation. I am also a practicing Dudeist Minister... 'Mix the holy beverage; Embrace the rug that ties the room together. Your arms and legs will rise and move; Then return to rest, All while sipping a Caucasian, You'll be there, man, Totally unspoiled. A reading from The Dude De Ching...

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