Get in the discord we get it poppin. http://www.discord.io/topmid Checkout my other social media. http://www.allmylinks.com/cptdudubronze 20 Year Halo Veteran. esports Ref and Competitive player. Watch me on twitch @cptdudubronze.
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pacstove.com Patio and camp stove multi-purpose. #Industrial-design #interrupt-sourcing method #camping #grilling #madeinusa Minds. Our place for macho mental stuff. Patriot signal boosting. Red pill relay station. *CROWD SOURCE* Help our metrics plz. Google doesn't like small biz or made in USA. It's simple. search pac grill , pac smoker, pacstove grill, pacstove barbeque, and find our website addy down the list. Help us t-bag the algo. Share this link around: www.pacstove.com etc. Thank you for your help. We give back through our Felon to Melon program. Commies and soy lefties are censored and perma banned here. Free speech is only for free people.

Bailey Basilica
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Please follow, thumbs up, remind, and wire me! Your support is what keeps me posting and on this platform. Subscription levels as follows(PLEASE DONATE): 1 Token and unlock all NSFW pics. 5 Tokens and unlock (all above) + Solo/Short vids. 10 Tokens and unlock (all above) + Premium vids. 20 Tokens and unlock (all above) + Minds ONLY vids. You can find NSFW and custom content at: http://www.tiny.cc/__MORE-BAILEY-HERE__ http://www.Baileybasilica.manyvids.com http://www.Onlyfans.com/baileybasilica

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Gamer, Free Speech Advocate, Sonic Fan

gamer, anime, manga, movie, music, books, fanatic of geek and nerd things. meme lover, a firm believer in Jesus, but never a perfect person, #IStandWithVic

Good Vibes.....MEMES for everyone 😊 Welcome to my channel. Subscribe if you like.

I'm cool and lovely, always ready to learn

Pro-ethnotribal humanist and rebel; theist but irreligious, poly-amorous not poly-sexual. If you have an attitude problem, I will too. My DnD alignment is unlawful(chaotic) good.

I do only original content , Thanks every people who support me :) GO ALL DO MINDS STRONGER AND STRONGER IN MY COTENTENT IS : MINDS ,NAUTER , AND ALL THINGS

Daily dose of quotes and motivational contents 🤗

Virginia, United States
Jun 2021
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