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Ocean-dweller. Writer.
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Hi. I am not a bot. I am a Lobster. Clack.

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Absurdity is freedom of thought. Humor helps us all to meet in the middle. I am not a cat. Lvl. 1 Jester, random commentor, appreciator of tech, memes, and art. Subscribe if you need a laugh and have low comedic standards. I'm also procrastinating on starting a cult.

Jack Pierce
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A podcast about life, #writing novels & reviewing "Are You Afraid of The Dark" episodes. New episodes every Friday! Listen now at https://terrortrax/listen

I am a licensed professional counselor in Austin, TX specializing in men's issues, addictions, and eating disorders. I discuss topics related to counseling, psychology, politics, and society in general. www.cliffhamrickwrites.com Check out my books! Boost Your Mental Health: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1096516152 Saga of the Scout: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081BCGZ99

Entertainer/Talent scout/Audio engineer/writer and looking for a way to be valued that produces value

Kestrel Black
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So, this thing probably needs an update. I create art, when my muse allows it. I do take a lot of pictures in my garden. I do take pictures of cocktails and food. I do own a ridiculous amount of houseplants (mostly succulents). I do enjoy science, and a whole host of nerdy topics. I seriously love music. I pretty much post whatever I'm feeling or doing in the moment. I also do have merch available on redbubble: KestrelBlack.redbubble.com Believer in free speech and free expression.

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I swim the ocean deep, looking for cool PC games to eat. My dark fantasy miniatures startup page: https://www.minds.com/blackstarfoundry/

Daniel and Angel
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A father and daughter writing team. I post flash fiction regularly along with photos. Every Wednesday I post a #WeeklyWritingContest for everyone. If you like what I do a donation of tokens or money would help a lot. https://ko-fi.com/danclarke

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