A non reptilian entity curious of the deception that goes on in a reality where they reside. Not only paused time but also traveled to other dimensions. Yeah, it's pretty fucking cool.
I am doing my own investigation into the Johnny Gosch case. the case ties into the Franklin Credit Cover Up. Sex abuse towards children continue to happen today. We have parents of dead and missing children fighting tooth and nail for the government to do something. The Johnny Gosch case is confusing base on how it is told. People only talk about certain parts. My goal is to find information on everyone who was involved. I want to know about those who were involved and what other connections they have. Once I get more information, I want to lay everything out in a timeline. I am collecting newspaper articles and video. If you have any sources, please share them.
Angry Patriot that's tired of watching our rights be trampled on.
The world is amazing
Just a grumpy old man.
Biding my time in the deep south. Your's too, if you are reading this.
Dec 2020
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