Ghost Akuma

Studying Art, I draw stuff and people tell me if it's good, Anime, Comic, Video Game fan and i talk about a lot of stuff...
Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.
Creator of Asterman. Average Fighting Game Player. Extremely tired of Establishment BS. Pretty decent Mega Man and YuGiOh Nerd.
Hi I talk about anime and video games here. Twitter fucking sucks lol/A dried out YouTuber/newbie graphic designer/artist & author.
Nerdy Guy who loves Comics, Table Top RPGs and hopes to write and draw a comic and a book someday.
The internet superhero who will draw and make you happy! But is it a raccoon or a cat
Wizard/metalhead turned artist. I love robots because I hate humans. You may have heard of me from the realm of Twitter!
Tired dumbass in animation uni. ArtStation:
“I freely admit it, I am a man who is empty and desolate inside.” - Kirei Kotomine. Fate/Zerofag. KPV. Strobe’s little pogchamp . Kirei and Astolfo simp. 『CKT』Currently in Femboy Boot Camp
Nov 2020
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