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Democrats Caught Facilitating Immigration Fraud, Coaching Migrants To Lie To CBP Report Says. According to the Washington Examiner, Democrat Veronica Escobar sent aides to Mexico to teach asylum seekers how to bypass immigration laws by lying about medical conditions or by claiming they can't speak Spanish. The rhetoric and action from Democrats supporting non-citizens seems to be reaching critical mass as two 2020 Democratic hopefulls have carried out campaigning in Mexico, with Beto O'Rourke meeting migrants in Mexico and Cory Booker actually accompanying migrants who had previously been removed under the Migrant Protection Protocols back into the US. Democrats seem to be in a bubble on immigration and much of the boom in right wing populism around the world is the result of a fear of out of control immigration. In a shocking twist to the story however, CNN's Fareed Zakaria came out in agreement with Donald Trump saying he is right and people are abusing and gaming out asylum system. This news just reinforces that Democrats are chasing an increasingly extreme far left social justice policy which will end in complete open border. From offering illegal immigrants healthcare, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, to stating they won't deport illegal immigrants it seems Democrats are out of touch with conservatives, republicans, and even the majority of America.


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