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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Wqn9VUI9QE GOP Files NEW LAWS To Make Social Media Censorship ILLEGAL. At the state level in California, Texas, and Florida Republicans have pushed new laws to prohibit censorship on political grounds or even just based on content as a whole. Florida's censorship law seems to have failed but Texas and California are moving forward. California could have changes come as soon as tomorrow. Right now the far left and social justice regressive leftists are gaining ground due to a LACK of regulation. Social Media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google can censor or ban anyone and it typically affects moderates and conservatives. Recently many conservatives banned by facebook, like Paul Joseph Watson, got a mention from President Donald Trump escalating the attention and focus on the censorship issue. Regulation will be constrained by the first amendment and thus any new regulation could only INCREASE speech not restrict it.


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