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Let’s make four clarifications in understanding proper communication within debating/discussing different views: Insulting or attacking a person’s character, religion, color, ethnicity, personality, or any other characteristic in an opening statement or throughout a discourse is not an acceptable form of communication. In order for all parties to discuss different opinions passively it is appropriate to refrain from childish conduct, bullying, or personal attacks. If you are on the receiving end of the verbal or written abuse, walk away. Such immaturity deserves no response. Never attempt to enter a discourse while emotionally triggered. Cool off, collect your thoughts, and return. It is suggested you research whatever topic triggered you, so you can return to the conversation calm and prepared. An exceptional way of communication is by leaving all personal bias from civil discussions. In other words be open to listen and understand different views and ideas, even if you disagree or have extreme prejudice against the topic. Be prepared and research, but never assume the person you are communicating with is less knowledgeable or uneducated. You may actually learn something new or create new bonds. Making statements in the form of questions is not asking a question. You have already predetermined the answer due to bias, so instead just state what you believe or ask a question without including personal bias. Actual questions come from sincerity and seek to find answers unbeknownst by the questioner. Statements in the form of questions are already predetermined responses of the person making them. For example: “Don’t you believe all Muslims are evil because of Islamic terrorism?” This is a statement not a question. The person is stating their beliefs - that all Muslims are evil because of Islamic terrorism. They are simply trying to convince everyone listening to agree with their bias or they are making a statement insisting the listeners conform to their preexist...

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