It is important to reiterate that ALL users still can earn token rewards. You do not have to pay a dime to earn tokens. All this change means is that we have added a layer of verification and trust to the engagement that is driving your rewards. This makes it extremely expensive for rings of bots and token manipulators to continue to syphon tokens with inauthentic activity, which ultimately decreases rewards for everyone else because they dilute the rewards pool. The data showed that the majority of users who are currently earning tokens today are actually going to earn MORE tokens as a result of this change. Ultimately, we will keep trying to build other ways to verify that a user is legitimate and not a bot, but since we will not ask for personal information or use surveillance, this becomes a conversation about a decentralized reputation system which is very complex and will take a lot of time to build and get right. #mindstokens #rewards #technology #cryptocurrency #community
With the staggering success of the MINDS token upgrades, more people have expressed concern over the fair distribution of engagement rewards. In an ongoing effort to increase everyone's token rewards and protect the integrity of the system, we have added a new layer of trust to the distribution of engagement rewards. Starting today, only engagement from Minds+ and Pro channels will count towards your daily engagement score. After reviewing the data, we are confident that this will increase rewards for authentic users and discourage bad actors from attempting to manipulate the system and drain the pool. NOTE: This does not mean that you need Minds+ to earn tokens. Everyone will still earn tokens without having to pay. We will continue to monitor the data and please share your feedback.