This is for the ORGANIZATION, but I make it public, so you people can use idiot labels like "ego" and "arrogant", and call me names, or pretend to have the ability to clinically diagnose me... whatever. You are still "outside". Here is the end of the 10 years of credit I just issued. PAY UP! It's PUBLIC RECORD. YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED. ============[BEGIN "OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL" (c) 2021 ROGUE SUPPORT INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED] "Of Your Own Free Will" is the most important principle in the AQUILAE TRUST. Formed in 1982, I hold the title to the TRUST, and I'm the keeper of that TRUST as I'm the only one left alive. I tell you these historic facts to lay out the accounting. I tell you the things I suffered, and the things I gave up to give all of you a chance. I paid a price none of you are capable of -- all to issue you credit. But the days of teaching are over. All of you say you accept that you're evil, stupid and programmed but you'll only pay lip service to the concept, and you won't get rid of it. Even now you see it unfold. Everyone said they understood. They want to "get started", and I establish rank. I'll write it down here publicly. Chris is your superior. He took the long way believing he could pick and choose what he wanted, and only do the stuff that he likes. After grifters, posers, and wannabes wasted his time, that's when he realized I was right from the beginning. I gave away the answers at the beginning of this learning period which has cost me so much, so that you may benefit. It ends. It ended on April 1st actually...I've just been too nice. Even the best among you won't listen to me, thinking there's somebody else who might have answers. You hear evil ignoramuses say, "You don't have a monopoly on the truth", and you'll nod sagely and say, "Oh yes, we'll put up with Scott's ego until we get what answers we're seeking". Then we'll look for "truth" elsewhere, and maybe we'll get the "secret parts". That's the @davidpaulsip plan, and it's wrong, and it harms me. Use David Paul Sip as a cautionary tale. He's a fucking loser who thinks he knows better than I do. I will not tolerate this anymore. I have done everything to demonstrate I am what I say I am. He questioned whether Chris was his superior when Chris addressed him as "Mister" as is the proper form. David Paul Sip disputed that, and I decreed that as Chris got there first he is, in fact, superior. When asked, "Do you understand?" David Paul Sip responded, "I'm trying to understand how we got here," which is most distinctly not the Yes/No response that is acceptable. After serveral iterations of the same non-response he then lost "no" as an acceptable answer. If you don't understand the very simple hierarchy of "Shut the fuck up and do what you're told," then you will be removed. You may come back when you do understand, because the time for teaching is over. You idiots don't see what's happening. So I'm done teaching. Everything I have to teach is out there...and the proof is embodied in Chris. Chris will freely admit he wouldn't have gotten where he is without me. I'm all you get, and he's back here. There's a reason for that. I do have a monopoly on truth. I also have superpowers, which solves the one unsolveable problem he has; and he already knows that I can do it. It's based on TRUST and UNDERSTANDING...and real-world experience. I'm working on a much larger scale than any of you can understand. In navies, insubordination is unacceptable. If David Paul Sip had that same exchange on one of my ships, he wouldn't have made it though the sentence of "I'm trying to understand..." before he got a bullet in the head from the XO. Nice doesn't work, and I've used up all my nice. It came in credit, and I'm not issuing it anymore. If anyone requests/demands any of my time, you had better be ready with the answer to the question, "How do I benefit from this?" The longer you have been following me, the bigger the debt that you owe. You surrender all of this stuff, because you know it's the right thing to do. You do what you're told because you trust that what I'm telling you is the right thing to do; and you accept these terms of your own free will. David Paul Sip pretended to accept these terms, of his own free will. That was a lie. The Civil Disruption Domain will not abide lies. The Civil Distruption Domain will be the window everyone can press their noses up against to see what they missed. It's time to pay your debt. Make your decision. You can either get on board, shut the fuck up and do what you're told (yes, just like Hitler), and see the results retrospectively; or you can add yourself to the ranks of the Spyder-Pig. If you have been expelled, you don't get back in without dropping a body for me. That's the price for reentry now, if you are expelled. You kill somebody who meant me harm. Kill a Spyder-Pig. There are lots of them. Alternatively, you can just live with the indisputable fact that you lied and robbed me with intent. Those are your choices now. Shit or get off the pot. Time is running out for everyone, and I can't afford to teach you any more. My efforts are dedicated to those who listened. For those who were expelled the price will always go higher, so this is the cheapest way back in. I put the price so high to dissuade you from trying. All of you who pretended to listen, or simply didn't bother to listen, incurred a debt; and at this point you simply don't have the right to incur any more. Do not have the hubris to believe you can "help". You're not qualified. You "help" by shutting the fuck up, doing what you're told, and listening to your superiors. This is not negotiable, and it's not a debate. I have too much to do, too much to manage, so I'm consolidating policy. Incidents like what happened with David Paul Sip is why no one in the AQUILAE NAVY wants anything to do with you people. I'm not in command of my own navy. Guess what I do when my ADMIRAL says, "Do you understand?" I answer "yes" as soon as humanly possible, and I address her as SIR, because she is my superior. There is no question. Everyone understands. That is the structure I need for CDD. Anything short of that is unacceptable. This is going to be published everywhere so everyone knows. I can't afford delays, and I have too many collectors here...yet another thing you should have been paying attention to; Homeworld. But that's for another day. Learn the lesson of David Paul Sip. There are no second chances. If you say you are doing something of your own free will, don't fucking lie. ============[END] It's #scottisalwaysright It's NOT #ScottIsAlwaysRightUnlesSomeDouchePretendingToListenDoesntUnderstand