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I'm JUST SOME GUY™ Nobody important. Nothing to see here. Move along. To those who were watching me 10 years ago; Yes you really did see me do it. So why am I not "famous"? I DON'T WANT TO BE! To want such a thing is madness, and I've seen what your kind to to the famous. You all have a preconceived notion about what the "famous" should be, and I am NOT that. To those who DID listen, I revel in your success. It genuinely gives my happiness to see you succeed. Use it to pay the debt you owe me. There's TRILLIONS of dollars worth of free shit just waiting to be exploited. Take what you need and give the rest to everyone. Show others what I showed you, and NEVER charge money. You can make your own money now, so there is no need to take it from others. Show the world how to BE more. Make sure everyone knows where you learned it. (Worthy people are my "marketing")
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Tara made her very first meme. That's so adorable! You'll find it attached to this article, and there are many naysayers who will believe it's just "old" people ragging on the young. This has after all, happened generation, after generation...after generation. I fear this time it's different though. When I was young and engaged in the generational conflict, I couldn't help noticing I really was smarter than "they" were, and I really did know more than "they" did; and decades would have to pass before that became obvious. Even then these "feeble, aged minds" would try to convince me that I was somehow less right back then, but "more right" now. I also noticed the strange phenomenon where people would believe that if they couldn't understand something I explained or extrapolated, it couldn't be understood. Even after the decades that passed proved me right, they still to this day claim there's "no way I could have known". There are people who have known me for those same decades, who even after seeing this ability demonstrated hundreds of times, still firmly believe "there's no way you could have known." Now I'm old, and I subjectively hear the collective groan that fifty-three isn't that old. It's actually eleven years past human genetic viability, and the only reason I'm alive is that we, as a species, have wiped out most of the diseases that would have previously killed me by now. We are also at the top of a food chain we directly control. This allows me to have twice the life my genetics as a humble member of Homo Sapiens Sapiens allows by default. I really hit the species lottery. I feel I was born at exactly the right time. My very first memory is of Apollo Eleven, and my father explaining to me that the voice coming out of the radio was originating from the moon. This was very confusing to me as a toddler as I mistakenly believed that everything broadcast on the radio was coming from the moon...but I digress. Now in my '50's, with half a century of knowledge under my proverbial belt, I do everything I dreamed of as a child. Now I do things I didn't know were possible when I was young. Every day, almost casually, I make machines that can not only think, but learn; and they understand with a precision and focus no human is capable of. Strangely I find myself asset rich and cash poor, but "Oh the assets I have!" These assets can barely contain my ambition. They change and grow every day. ...people under thirty. Seriously, what the actual fuck?? I really don't understand today's youth. They are exactly as Tara describes. My confusion isn't like everyone else's my age. The thing that distinguishes me from those in my age group, is that I manage to keep so much of myself. My life philosophy has always been, "Stand your ground," and if the world gives ground, step forward and repeat Step 1. The result of this life philosophy in practice, means that you get to retain most of what you really are. Most people my age cannot make that claim. They compromised, where I did not. I have paid a price they weren't willing to, and now it's too late. This being true, I have the added bonus of being able to remember what it was to be in my twenties, or in my teens. And I know I'm not wrong. Even the biggest losers I knew in high school had some ambition. Everybody I knew wanted to make something, or do something, or create something, or produce something, or be something. There was never this void that I see today. That's what it is with today's youth. A void. Where there should be knowledge, insight, curiosity, ambition...there's just nothing. A void. This isn't old people ragging on young people any more. This is something different and terrifying. I'm in the field of Computer Science. Computers have always been my first love. This has been true since childhood. I saw something in my youth, and I acted on it. Computers were coming, and I loved them. I knew what they could do, and what the possibilities would be. In fact, I laugh at myself for how quaint my grandiose ambitions were back then. It was however, enough to get me started. Now computers are everywhere, and they touch every field and profession. In order to make use of these magnificent machines, you have to comply with the rules of computer science. This means that no matter how specialized your profession, you have to speak in a language I understand; and in the end you'll teach me how to do your job better than you can. Everyone's lives are intimately tied to computer science, and yet almost nobody knows anything about computer science. But I've said this countless times before. I mention this not as a segue, but as a parallel event that's very relevant, because these are the "almost nobody" I'm referring to. Curiosity, creativity, ambition...all the things that would distinguish you from everyone else, is just a void. Nobody has the ambition or desire to learn about computer science, and those of us from the early days who embrace at a specialist level every aspect of computer science, are just dying off. Wait thirty years and we'll all be gone. All that will be left will be middle aged "voids", raising children incapable of comprehending the magnificent machine on which you are reading this text. There's no inspiration; there is only distraction - everything to maintain the appearance of not being a void. If you're under thirty and reading this, please heed the warning of both Tara, and myself. If you lack curiosity, ambition, creativity, or a desire to build and make something new, then you're mentally ill. You are not supposed to be "that". I'm not misremembering. Even the biggest loser I knew while growing up, had ambition. I see none of that today. Over the past couple of years I've been showing a friend how network infrastructure is set up properly, and just how appalling the status quo is, and how low the standard is for "acceptable". All the while people are being paid. It's what I lovingly call an ignorance tax, and it leverages a mechanism that's directly connected to my mantra, "Your ignorance imbues me with superpowers I do not possess." Your programming has made you ignorant. I know this because I was effectively "sold" as a youth, to the people who programmed you. That's the only difference between you and me. I'm not burdened with your programming. Aside from that, I maintain I do not possess any mental power you don't. There's nothing special about me. I'm not particularly strong, not particularly smart; I just know more, and have ambition. If you're under thirty...why don't you? I've said a million times that there are trillions of dollars worth of free "shit" waiting to be exploited. Each one opens a path to a lifetime of satiating ambitions. It's so easy these days. Everything is standardized. Learn the standards, and with each standard, learn the story of why it became the standard. Just doing this will allow you to master computer science ten times faster than I ever could. It's child's play. It takes a little curiosity, a little creativity, and a lot of ambition. Why don't you have any of these attributes? Until you answer that question, every minute you're alive serves strangers who do not give a fuck about you. There shouldn't be a void. If you're under thirty you shouldn't be like this. It's not old people ragging on young people. This is different and there's really something wrong with you. CHANGE MY MIND!
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