The US is currently the only nation standing in the way of a Chinese economic, military, and social global take over. Is the current US civil unrest being orchestrated by Chinese and their global allies to damage the US, split her people, reducing the US' global footprint and world policing? China has been caught illegally fishing, counties navies have engaged, captured, and sank Chinese ships in their waters. China entered Japanese water and attempted to hold Japanese fishing/whaling ships hostage. Canada's Trudeau said they would give aid to Hong Kong but when China told them there would be consequences for doing so, Trudeau backed down. It has come to the point that mini dictator nations are arming their citizens and civilian ships. China is not acting alone and they could not take on the US alone. Like muslim extremist groups have been used to weaken western nations. Is China just the current vessel being used as a means to an end for "their" end game. The war on terror allowed the spread of islam into western nations, which lead to the weakening of those nations through many means. So many nation now have laws and/or policies against "Islamophobia". Now with China's open aggression and spreading of power and influence. What will that mean for islam in the west, being the CCP has a strong aversion to islam. Will we see the nations that China's power and influence has grown, start to remove those protection on islam? And like FDR in the past and current CCP, place them in forced work labor camps. https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2020/10/16/philippines-deploy-militias-arm-fishermen-south-china-sea/ https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2020/10/16/china-threatens-health-safety-canadians-justin-trudeau-helps-hong-kong-refugees/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/japan-protests-to-china-for-entering-japanese-waters/2020/10/13/5ea07aa0-0d19-11eb-b404-8d1e675ec701_story.html