CIA WHISTLE-BLOWER IMPLICATES ...BIDEN, HILARY, and OBAMA ... EXECUTED SEAL TEAM 6 ... PROOF! Hilary/State Dept had and was hiding BIN LADEN alive in Iran! A congressman (to be named later) wanted to hold off KILLING BIN LADEN until closer to the 2012 election, to help Obama win again. Iran moved BIN LADEN Pakistan for SEAL TEAM 6 to be order by HILARY, to come and kill him. Iran pulled out BIN LADEN at last minute, SEAL TEAM 6 killed a double, they knew the truth and then were KILLED to keep them quite. The Taliban were employed for this. ***MUSLIMS are NEVER BURIED AT SEA...it is HARAM, meaning FORBIDDEN...all MUSLIMS MUST BE BURIED IN THE GROUND WITH THEIR HEADS FACING MECCA!!! *** There is talk about throwing his body parts over the mountains, and the sea was a cover. Iran says they will tell the truth about hiding BIN LADEN for us unless we pay money to them...HENCE THE 152 BILLION Dollars! The pallets of money! 2 billion comes back to U.S. politicians to keep quite! There are reports of HILARY acted as an arms dealer, while being the Secretary of State, selling LARGE ARMS to groups, threw Benghazi, which is how the Taliban was able to shoot down SEAL TEAM 6. So these reports are saying that HILARY was involved with KILLING OUR MILITARY, as a cover up for the ASSASSINATION of BIN LADEN, which got botched up, and as a cover up to the PAYOLA to Iran to keep quite! Why do you think Hilary STARTED the Russian-Trump hoax, too distract from her E-MAILS ON A PRIVATE SERVER! Those e-mails are the ones about all this which show and prove TREASON. Any Federal Employee, even the post office, or v.a. EMPLOYEE KNOWS ALL...I MEAN ALL E-MAILS are permanently saved! So to hide all this, Hilary needed to do it on a different server so it is hidden!!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/rCybWf1g9K8/