Some son of a bitch hijacked my profile again and tried to steal my password! He is probably that motherfucker of Keynon Burns aka @Presidenchill. @Presidenchill real name is Keynon Burns and he is a professional victimologist and natural born liar. This guy called Emory University where I worked to report me for having this profile on minds. As a consequence of that they fired me. The Wheel, the Commie newspaper of Emory University, also doxed me in order to make sure I cannot find job as a teacher no where else! My college degree, masters and teaching certification, years of studying all lost and so my teaching career because the system is leftist. And all that by the way thanks to Keynon Burns @Presidenchill. If you google my name Laura Corvino you will find the article of the Wheel and in it you will find the name of Keynon Burns. Because they post that article well visible on google I cannot apply to any other school to find a job. They also called the Atlanta Journal Constitution to make sure I was barred to find any job. This is what those Leftist do to people for expressing their opinions freely. And also thanks to cowards motherfuckers like Keynon Burns @Presidenchill. Keynon Burns uses the nickname of @Presidenchill. He is a Lefty pretending to be a Black Republican because he hopes that way he can became a YouTube celebrity. Be careful he cannot reach your data or he will call your employer and dox you for what you say in here like he have already done with me, and possibly with many other people. On January 24th 2019 @Presidenchill got really mad at me during a chat - some of my followers may remember that - immediately after that @Presidenchill asked me if the books on Amazon were mine. He found out I was working at Emory University Continuing Education because it was written on the biography of one of my books. After a few hours I received and e-mail from The Wheel, the newspaper of Emory University asking me "to explain" this profile I have here on minds (in perfect Stalinian style!) My answer to them had been pubblished in the article they wrote with the intent of doxing me. Richard Chess is the Lefty journalist who wrote the article. Not surprisingly he is for Seattle. You can find his bio at the end of the article.