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Join the Minds community and experience Uncensored free speech and get crypto to contribute! click the link: Novice and Expert Stockholders: Sign up with M1 Finance for commission free trading. Use my referral link for free $10 with first trades after sign up and investing!: I am a fallen YouTube creator; disabled, censored, you name it. Also a fallen Instagramer w/ 37,000 followers and 4 banned accounts. Speaking the truth is now the new hate speech. No matter your race, religion, or political affiliation; putting emotions aside is the key to understanding and conversation. Seek Understanding before Seeking to be Understood. I gave up on trying to spread word and change minds years ago. I'm not concerned with closed minds. It's not my job to wake YOU up, it's my job to remind you of the nightmare. Axe this welfare system that is keeping populations stagnated. End the era of the Demonrats who pander to everyone but True Patriots. Stop acting as if working hard and being successful in a capitalistic country is wrong. You'll find most leftists have horrible solutions to things and the very people who claim to be the most tolerant and accepting aren't and will actually censor or delete you for having a different opinion from theirs even tho they claim to be accepting of other opinions. The hypocrisy is clear. I am a psychology major and a 'philosopher' but I am a father first. Respect is earned and returned. Build The 'metaphysical' Wall. Make sure the Dems are outside the wall first. Trump 2020. 0216⚔️2316 "MAGA means Make America Great Again not Make America Guatemala Amigo" - @huhwhtfkr Email: Donate: YouTube: XDA: Wall of Kind Minds: @NaziLady @GopAaron @IncognitoFX @james_doodles @Unacceptable @aoc1 @delastman @CoreyJr1971 @abd2038 @Libtarded @BDubScully @aodom Winners of Giveaways: @NaziLady @GopAaron @Annaroper @i3utm @james_doodles @Unacceptable Honorable mentions: @ottman @aoc1 @cobraJack @gomez346 @anthonyadavisii @drewwestpress @blackmagiccure @CaptTrips @LiveFreeOrDeath @nubianoir
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The #Democrats have managed to silence #freespeech and #whitepride at the same time. Yes I'm black and saying that. This is an intellectual, political, historical observation. No I am not an "uncle tom" or a "coon." Take your racism somewhere else, and stop projecting your bullshit hate onto me, racism is child's play to me. Forcing genders and races to mix is not the answer if and when they would be doing better segregated by choice. You cannot force a bunch of genders, races, religions and political affiliations together and just hope that everyone will conform to your false definition of equality. All while keeping minorities and the white lower-middle class hanging onto a broken welfare system. Then you have the audacity to force the big companies that represent American trade and business to pay for it? I feel sorry for white people who feel powerless and I feel sorry for minorities who only see themselves as victims. I would love to see all races succeed separately within themselves and come together when needed like in times of War. Minorities should not at this point in time NEED white people to accomplish anything. I don't understand what you expect the government to do while there are still liberals and socialists in politics. The Democrats have proven time and time again that they are willing to sacrifice the American Dream just so a bunch of non-Americans can have a piece of the pie. #Trump #MAGA
LMFAO at Trump. The leftist blacks think they are getting free money. LMAO. What this literally means is that Trump is investing money into FIXING THE GOVERNMENTS PROPERTY that the LEFTISTS DESTROYED OVER THE PAST 50 YEARS. Next we are gonna hear how this is fake news from the leftist retards. Tell me more about how racist Trump is LMAO #MINDS #NEWS #POLITICS #TRUMP #MAGA
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