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Trump Is WINNING On EVERY Major Political Front, Everything Democrats Have Tried Has BACKFIRED. Immigration, The Economy, Reelection campaigning, Fundraising, and Impeachment, Trump is winning on ALL OF IT. Democrats have failed to put a dent in anything Trump has been working on and now even media outlets like Huffpo, WaPo and CNN are forced to admit it.| Huffington Post called it the "dreadful truth" that Trump got his wall not just physically but legally. WaPo was forced to admit on CNN that Democrats are panicking over the impeachment failure. Impeachment backfires massively against Democrats resulting in independent voters souring And Trump is now seeing his support among minority communities nearly DOUBLE. As much as mainstream media doesn't want to admit it, or how much they will smear me for simply pointing it out. Trump is winning his political battles and Democrats keep failing. Obama tried to help, he tried to guide them but they rejected him and now even WaPo calls Obama a conservative. The Democrats are fractured and failing, impeachment is a mess, and Trump is facing a landslide reelection. The facts are there and fake news outlets are lying if they say otherwise.


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