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Media FINALLY Declares Barack Obama To Be A CONSERVATIVE That's How Far Left The Democrats Have Gone. After the second debate many people were asking "when did Barack Obama become a republican?" In fact CNN ran an article with that exact headline. Recently in frustration Joe Biden told someone at his town hall to go vote for donald trump because they were critical of Obama. Obama has been making enemies with many people on the far left over the past few months. He warned that woke outrage and cancel culture was not activism and was bad for the left and later went on to tell Democrats not to goo to far left. This was met with widespread derision from many progressives and the former president, who is the most popular Democrat still today, was starting to be smeared a right wing. Well now its official the Washington post has run a story arguing that Obama, a man who campaign on Universal healthcare, is in fact a conservative and always has been. If you need proof that the media has lost its collective mind or that Democrats have gone too far left share this story. How anyone in their right mind could think Obama is a conservative is beyond me. You don't have to call Obama a progressive but to think he's conservative is a sign that we have officially jumped the shark


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