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Democrats Impeachment BACKFIRE Just Went From BAD to WORSE, Democrats Are Imploding Over This. Democrats brought this on themselves. They wanted this impeachment even though many people, especially moderates, said no. A third poll was recently released showing independent voters are opposing impeachment. Donald Trump is demanding a senate impeachment trial to force Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Adam Schiff to testify Republicans have launched an investigation into Joe and hunter Biden over Burisma And in the event of a senate trial 2020 Democrats will be pulled off the campaign to serve as jurors and Joe Biden will be as a witness. They claim Trump wanted to dig up dirt on Biden but because of the impeachment inquiry not only are people questioning Biden's morals but he is even being investigated over this. No one knew Trump talked to Zelensky, no one knew or cared about Biden and Ukraine Because of the Democrats its all anyone is talking about and its prime time TV. Was Biden corrupt? Was Trump? While all these democrats are wrapped up in impeachment Donald Trump will be using his record breaking funds which he made off impeachment to travel the country and make his case for reelection. The Democrats may have made the biggest blunder in the History of US politics.


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