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Trump Is WINNING On Impeachment And The Media Has Started PANICKING. Latest polls and aggregate polls show Donald Trump's approval rating has recovered since the start of the Ukraine Scandal, his approval rating has gone up since the start of the impeachment process. At the same time support for impeachment is falling, opposition has jumped 10 points among independents, and people are upset with the way Democrats are handling the impeachment process. Upon seeing these facts media outlets like CNN and Buzzfeed are framing this as an "alternate reality" when in fact they are in the minority. If most independents, moderates, and Republicans oppose impeachment then it seems its the democrats, far left, and leftist media that are in denial. The Washington Post ran an op-ed recently showing that Democrats are failing and we all know it. Even as Buzzfeed claims Republicans are in an alternate reality they say "they are winning theirs" So far Democrats have done nothing to address to claims at hand dealing with Joe Biden, instead they keep fighting over "quid pro quo" Adam Schiff is floundering and I can only imagine Nancy Pelosi is livid having been dragged into a failing impeachment battle.


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