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Democrats Are WINNING And Trump WILL Be Impeached Says Bannon, Forecast Shows Democrat Path To 2020. On a podcast this morning Steve Bannon said that the democrats impeachment strategy is winning and that Trump will be impeached. Bannon called impeachment a sophisticated political disinformation campaign. The new Democrat 2020 strategy ignores the faults of their far left candidates and focuses specifically on Donald Trump. The plan is to make 2020 Trump On Trial and nothing else. They know their far left candidates will not find favor with Americans. But according to a forecast model from June this might actually work. Negative partisan ship is a huge factor in driving out voters. Based on 2018 one forecast model predicts Democrats will narrowly win with 279 electoral votes. This is interesting because it aligns with Moody's maximum voter turnout forecast which also gives Democrats a 279 vote victory. The battle is on for the soul of this country and everyone should heed the words of Lao Tzu “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.”


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