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Police Now Involved In Democrat Ethics Scandal As SECOND Democrat Hit With Ethics investigation. Police are now investigating leaked photos of Democratic rep Katie Hill following the publication of photos by two news outlets. The allegations against progressive democrat Katie Hill were announced recently by the house ethics committee and Hill has admitted to an inappropriate relationship. Following this questions emerged about payments Hill was making to her lover up until last month from her campaign. While Hill denies one of the allegations against her she has admitted to the other. Conservatives are making the case based on text messages that were leaked that Hill was pressuring her subordinates and staffers into things they did not want to do. Admittedly this scandal is very complicated and new details are constantly emerging. In a shocking turn however the house Ethics Committee has announced a SECOND Democrat will be facing an investigation into an affair and campaign finance violations. In the past we have seen Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar face similar accusations and Omar even had to pay a fine for misusing campaign funds. For some reason many of these complaints are centered around the younger far left Democrats, which may be a result of arrogance or simple ignorance as they are new.


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