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Republicans Just STORMED The Secret Impeachment Hearings, Schiff Is FURIOUS, Cries Ethics Violations. Led by Rep Matt Gaetz a group of around a dozen republicans have stormed into the SCIF, a secure hearing room, demanding they can listen in on the impeachment inquiry. This caused a massive uproar. Some republicans are said to have been screaming in Adam Schiff's face, people were yelling, and the hearing was canceled. Rep Bradley Byrne insisted that he had jurisdiction over the witness as he is on the Armed Services Committee but they refused to allow the hearing to go forward with him in the room. The left and the Democrats insist this is all normal and that the information will be released soon but Republicans are saying that the secrecy is intended to all them to selectively leak information to make Trump look bad. In my opinion this is part of a negative partisanship strategy to drive voter turnout. Trump is set to win 2020 in a landslide and the democrats. far leftists, and never trumpers know this. The best chance they have is to dig non stop until they can get any dirt possible to help drive anger at the president. It may work among the political initiated but will the average American, who isn't paying attention, be affected by the negative press?


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