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Democrats Are PANICKING Over Bad 2020 Candidates, Ask "Is There Anybody Else?" The Democratic party is fractured between moderate and far left, Trump has raised a record amount of money, and Moody's analytics shows Trump takes 2020 victory in all three projections. So what can they do? At a recent event Democrats desperately tried to come up with a solution. Michelle Obama? Hillary Clinton? Eric Holder? The Democratic establishment knows that it doesn't have any strong contenders to defeat Donald Trump and the panic was on display as reported by the New York Times. Id the far left democrats won't vote for a moderate and a moderate won't vote for a socialist what can they do? It's easy Three simple words "Orange Man bad" Democrats are planning to use negative partisanship to drive voter turnout in 2020. This means that instead of focusing on core issues and policy they will focus on why Trump is bad. The goal is to inspire voters based on hating Trump above anything else. In truth it may work. Moody's says that with a historical voter turnout Democrats win 2020 by 9 electoral votes. But that is the exception not the rule and right now its a desperate long shot.


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