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Moderate Democrats Impeachment Strategy Will BACKFIRE, They Haven't Accounted For 'Bernie Or Bust.' In a leaked memo from Axios we can see that Democrats are pushing Moderates toward support for impeachment due to national polls showing people are more inclined to support a pro impeachment inquiry candidate over someone who isn't. While the memo does take the republican polls into consideration they seem to have missed one big flaw, the far left and Bernie or bust voters. They are hoping that policy issues will take a back seat to partisanship in 2020 but this is a mistake in my opinion. The Democrats are not unified and far left voters do not want to support moderates. Far left democrats frequently refer to moderates as "republicans" and refuse to vote. In fact Bernie Or Bust played a huge roll in Trump winning in 2016. In fact some Bernie voters protested the Democrats by actually voting FOR Trump as a kind of punishment. Moderates need to focus on unity and bringing people together instead of playing into the 'orange man bad' narrative. While negative partisanship is a huge factor for Democrat voters, should they nominate a moderate it won't matter. The Far left sees the Moderates as entirely separate already.


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