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Journalists FURIOUS Over Democrat's Pro Union Law Effectively ENDING Freelance Journalism (UPDATE). Yesterday I covered a law that was pushed by Democrats in California to protect jobs and defend unions. The conflict is centered around freelance journalists being told they can only write 35 articles per yer for a company, effectively ending freelance journalism outright. Journalists have been waging an online feud with the Democrat who pushed the bill stating that she was going to cost them their financial security and would harm the news industry. Democrat Lorena Gonzales pushed back saying it will protect good newsroom jobs and pressure companies to hire freelancers. In reality, newsrooms are collapsing, mass layoffs are commonplace, and digital journalism has been at the front of the line in terms of collapse. This law will only expedite the end to which we see these digital media outlets by forcing them to cut off the people producing their content. If a digital outlet can't afford to hire someone and now they can not legally buy from third parties then they will struggle to produce content, make no money, and eventually collapse. This law is only in California so it mostly affects CA based writers and freelancers, but if this mentality around gig economy jobs continues it could spell the end for the modern digital news industry. Some argue this could be a good thing, bringing the end of content mills and fake news. But it could also cause journalists to become more desperate and escalate the hyperbolic, hyperpartisan, and far left activist journalism content leading to a worse political divide. As we have seen with the Veritas leaks, not even CNN is safe from the hyperpartisan nature of news. Outrage rules all and the culture war is an easy outrage generator.


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