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CNN Ratings Hit NEW LOW Amid Leaks Proving They Push Fake News About Trump. The ratings are in and they are bad. CNN Drew a peak of just over 8 million viewers for the Democratic Debates and while that is a large number it is down nearly 50% from the first debate and down several million from the previous debate. But CNN ratings have been doing poorly for some time. In fact they may have been actually helped by CNN's President's Trump obsession. According to new leaks from Project Veritas, James O'Keefe, and a whistleblower, since Zucker took over he has demanded that everything be 'All Trump All the Time.' While many of us suspected that the network was pushing far left politics and anti Trump rhetoric on purpose for some time these leaks show us definitive proof that the president of CNN believes complete and absurd fake news and demands his staff push these stories onto the public. While the Trump bump may have helped CNN in the past people are experiencing Trump fatigue and tuning out. The drop in ratings is partly due to the non stop wall to wall coverage of every minor detail in Trump's life. In the end the exhausted public tunes out or becomes annoyed giving conservatives and republicans a boost. Democrats actually start believing the fake news themselves and in the end get driven far left and end up out of touch with most Americans. A new report shows Trump handily winning in 2020 and these may be contributing factors.