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The Intelligence Agency "Coup" Against Trump Will Ignite Civil War, I hope I am Wrong. Award Winning Journalist Matt Taibbi recently wrote an article describing what is going on with impeachment, Russia, Ukraine, etc as a "permanent coup." The article is stunning in that he goes into great detail explaining his personal experiences in 'what comes next' having reported on actual Coup's against governmental leaders. His article explains how the intelligence agencies began targeting Trump even before he took office. In the end he wars that this could result in Trump refusing to back down and calling in special forces to target the leakers. I think it will be worse than that. If Taibbi is correct, and he certainly has the credibility, then the actions taken by democrats against the president will be backed by the far left, actions taken by the president will be defended by his ardent supporters. This is not some story about small groups of governmental actors trying to take control of the chain of command but a story about two growing factions with completely different views of the world, views that cannot be reconciled. While far left protesters become increasingly aggressive outside Trump rallies, they get met with a growing faction of Trump supporters and right wingers standing defiant. The street level conflict is already here. If the intelligence agencies are actually going after the president to remove him as Taibbi claims then I assure you it won't end with a small group of politicians making phone calls. Trump himself quoted a warning of civil war in the event he is removed. I hope we are all wrong.