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Trump's Victory Shattered The Democrats, They've Been Struggling Ever Since. Something had been brewing in the US for some time, the rise of the far left in the Democratic party predates Trump's victory. In fact, it may have led to his win when Bernie Sanders voters refused to support Hillary. But the night Trump won something happened, his victory was like a sledgehammer on the Democratic party creating cracks that are ever increasingly spiraling out further and further. We didn't see if at the time but the conversation had started. Bernie or Bust voters, the far left democrats, cost hillary clinton the election. Since then the far left and social justice narratives have become increasingly dominant. 2020 Democrats make absurd promises that most Americans disagree with. The narrative that is winning out is that in order to beat Trump we have to go further left and reject moderate and conservative Democrats. But it's the center that wins elections and Trump knows it. 2020 Democrats are embracing woke twitter rhetoric and its going to work much to the benefit of Trump in 2020. While polls do show Trump losing in almost every match-up the polls were wrong in 2016. Technically the polls weren't wrong, they just gave Trump a ridiculously low chance of winning and he won. But the general idea about the polls being wrong is that they shouldn't have favored Hillary. While Trump isn't the cause of the growing far left democrats he certainly helps it grow, and he does it on purpose. Trump knows that by pushing and promoting woke far left democrats and activists it will scare Americans into voting republican. Unfortunately for the US left, this means Democrats are playing into trump's hands and he will likely take 2020 in a landslide. Many Democrats know this and think impeachment is the only way to beat Trump but even this issue is too divisive. The moderate democrats and far left democrats are in a battle for the soul of the party and the far left is winning.


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