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Trump's Approval Breaks ALL TIME High, Record High African American Support As Well. The latest poll from Zogby shows Donald Trump's approval rating is at a record high of 51% with record high support from the African American community at 28% With an amazing economy, though not without hiccups, record low unemployment, and and increasing base Trump seems on track for a 2020 Landslide. Meanwhile 2020 Democrats seem to be floundering so much so that even Bill Maher says they are crazier than Trump and is calling for a recession to get Trump out. Maher knows the Democrats only hope is a recession which some predict may be coming. But so far Republicans are more than doubling fundraising relative to the Democrats. If Trump, the RNC, and Republicans in general are sitting on cash with no debt then they are very much favored to win come 2020. At the same time as all of this, however, a Fox News poll shows Trump near record high disapproval and losing to the Democrats in match up polls. The thumbnail and title were on purpose, to highlight the partisan view of news and politics. Though it was just one poll showing this all time high the important point is why I feel it is more likely to be correct compared to negative polls So then how could Trump simultaneously be at record high approval but near record high disapproval? The answer is in the wider data. With an increasing average favorability and an increasing average job approval, the polls from Fox News appear to be noise in the bigger picture. While Trump's average approval is still low, his favorability and approval are higher than where they were when he was elected. Based on his incumbent advantage, a soaring economy, and increasing approval it seems he is on track for 2020 victory. But the main point here is that you need to see the bigger picture.


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