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Rashida Tlaib Accused Of Trying To Provoke And Embarrass Israel By Israeli Minister. The controversy surrounding the far left democrats trip to Israel continues this time with Rashida Tlaib requesting a humanitarian trip to visit her family in the West Bank. Israel approved the trip under the condition that she not preach BDS, the Boycott Divest, Sanction Movement against Israel. In her request Tlaib agreed not to promote boycotts and said she would respect any restrictions. Many praised her for the seemingly diplomatic approach to visit family. However after being approved she rejected the approval saying that her family would not want her to agree to restrictions in order to see her family. In an itinerary reportedly from their offices they refer to Israel as Palestine. One has to wonder if Rashida was being genuine in her request or if the whole purpose of the trip was to generate press. Israel interior minister said that it was a "provocation to embarrass Israel" While I can respect Tlaib for refusing speech restrictions the current state of the Israel Palestine conflict does not make it easy to navigate and travel. Many have criticized Tlaib for putting ideology over family. The trip was initially meant to be Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib but the offer was revoked due to their support of the BDS movement. Trump was blamed for pressuring Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu into refusing their entry. Ocasio-Cortez has also refused to travel to Israel until the other far left Democrats are granted entry


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