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Welcome to the official Minds channel

Just a Guy from the Free Republic of Texas Who believes in Jesus (Yeshua) . I post very little original material as I'm very new to this format but think of my post as the Corner store with the penny jar , if you need one take it and if you have an extra, drop it off. I am a Big Fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas High School Football and Hebrew Roots Christian Concervative and I'm a Water/Waste Operator ... Y'all Have a Good day and be excellent to each other ... FYI, Original Trekker and SCI-FI Fan. #Southernrock #DallasCowboys

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I am an author from southeastern Wisconsin. I like to think I write fantasy. That is the feel of my books, but the major project I have been working on is technically alternative history. If you things like the Wheel of Time, Dune, or anything else that is a bit too pretentious or long-winded, you might just like what I have to offer. Honestly, at this point, I only hope to add something slightly above average to a writing space that is far too mediocre. My dream would be to have a marketplace with so many books that are so good, I couldn't even hope to compete. (As long as that isn't the case, I will continue to write). If what I have to offer sounds like something that might interest you, you can find all my work at my website below.

Biding my time in the deep south. Your's too, if you are reading this.

Not interested in Crypto!!....Husband of 1 wife for nearly 4 decades, father, grandfather and Living my best life possible in the land of my ancestors in Hawaii ... *Again...Not interested in crypto!!.. so please don’t message me about it!

Only the truth is valuable Tylko prawda ma wartosc Solo la verdad importa Seulement la veritée est importante Tolka pravda...;-)

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