Pro gun rights, pro white, pro tradition, pro free speech, anti violence, anti multiculturalism, anti Marxism, equality is a LIE I love my Folk. National Socialist I will happily debate anyone and everyone. I honestly try to be polite and love everyone America first. Groyper.
They do not want us to know how great we are, because THAT is the missing link. If we really knew the potential we have- and that is really the only thing we have left... we have nothing left, but our potential. And, whenever that potential is able to be free, then we go to the top... They do not keep us out because we are the worst. They keep us out because we are the VERY BEST. --Shahrazad Ali- The very FACT that people who classify themselves as [white], will find themselves saying 'something is wrong with your genetics! Something is wrong with your genetics!'... In psychiatry we call that "projection". In other words, if I have to keep focusing on YOUR genetics, I must have some doubt about MY genetics. And, we have the basis for that; meaning the ability to produce melanin, pigment or skin color, and so forth, is the genetically dominant trait. --Frances Cress Welsing And, to understand that we can do in the classroom, what Michael Jordan did on the basketball court, What the Williams sisters did on the tennis court, what Tiger Woods did on the golf course... We can rewrite the game... We can make it so that they can't test us because they are not intelligent enough to ask us the kinds of questions that we would answer... This is how deep we are... And THEY KNOW THIS!... If I were them, I would do the same thing: 'How can I let you out? What is going to happen to me, when you find out who you are?... I will be destroyed.'... Kaba Kamene
Welcome to National Socialists We are a group based on "Historical Revisionism". Our goal is to present and show the real NSDAP as it really truly was. The Hollywood version is a lie and everything we learned in school is a lie. Even our current media is a lie. So if you are browsing through this group, join us and you'll see that what we present here is very different from what you will see out there in other social networks. Why? We show you the real truth! Not propaganda and lies. There are only 3 simple rules here. 1) No Fedposting. 2) No infighting or better yet provoking it. 3) No insulting the Fuhrer and/or degrading him in any way. This includes insulting or degrading the Swastika or anything National Socialist related. I am your only admin here. Feel free to tag me if you have any questions. @nswoodchuckss There is also a group in Gab Chat but you need to use a Chrome-type browser to access it.
Oct 2019
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