Pro gun rights, pro white, pro tradition, pro free speech, anti violence, anti multiculturalism, anti Marxism, equality is a LIE I love my Folk. National Socialist I will happily debate anyone and everyone. I honestly try to be polite and love everyone America first. Groyper.

Strong Woman! Proud Rational Feminist!

Disclaimer: everything here is satire. Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I'm saying this so I don't get banned.

European Aesthetics enthusiast, tech savy engineer with a love for history and the hidden truth

I am a national socialist, I stand for free speech, European identity, white identity,race realism, anti communist, anti capitalist, anti Judaism, anti Islam, anti lgbtqrstuvwxyz, pro life, White separatism, follower of Christ and accepting of truth. 1488 and hail victory!

I'm an amateur Christian apologist so if you have questions I might have an answer. But mostly I just re mind memes and stuff. You will NOT find pornography, nudity or gore (excluding occasional historical photos that feature dead bodies, but nothing disrespectful). But if you're looking for a "clean" page this ain't it chief. I am not that person. I appreciate vulgar, edgy, offensive humor. I swear and I will aggressively debate my positions. I'm still working on switching from "treat people how they treat you" to "treat people how you want to be treated" so don't be surprised if I match somebody's rudeness with my own rudeness. I'm working on it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you soon. You, particularly! 🦅🇺🇸🐸🌈🦏🦄🤡🌎👌👍🥛✝️ -Please don't wire me tokens. I appreciate the gesture but the whole situation makes me feel turbo awkward. And I'm not good at peopleing in the first place. If you choose to wire me tokens anyway I'm just going to say thank you here and now: thank you. -seriously though, if you have ANY questions about Christianity please ask them! it gives me a chance to practice my skills and I love helping people understand the Bible! -if you're only looking for squeaky clean Christian channels go check out @nanalovesjesus they're great -some of my favorite minds channels @jonw116 @cyb3rpunk -minds artists I really appreciate @aragmar @night_shade @kestrel_black @rizzyfig -if you're looking for "edgy" content @oldmanrants @mindofjack @auroradeasiza @sinner1905 @lillspence and @despicablememes are amazing

The Islamic Democratic Caliphate (Jarrah Yaqoub Ben-Jabal)

Yes! This channel contains MATURE CONTENT! If you are not mature enough to hear the truth, you will be perturbed by what you see and hear. Long story short: I was attacked by Nazis here on and I fought back. As everyone knows (but hates to admit) WE fight better (ask Ali)... I fought them with something they could not argue with. So, they "reported me as "explicit"... Since then, EVERY SINGLE POST OF MINE has been approved by the MIND-less staff as "Explicit" ... I have brought this to the attention of @ottman and, after about 20 posts, where I tagged him (AS I DO NOW) he, finally responded; "WHAT HAPPENED?" I answered and heard NOTHING back from him... Someone else (@ghatta) tried to get his attention on this matter and they got the response: "I don't know what you are talking about"... SO I called him out on this bullshit feigned ignorance and have, since, not heard from him, except for ONE THING!... HE SUBSCRIBED TO ME!... Imagine that!! Now, why in the fucked up world of would @ottman subscribe to me after all this?... Perhaps he wants to keep a (blind) eye on me? But, this is good... I understand that this site has nothing to do with anything it says it is. It is another FOOL's-BOOK in the making... for Evil to speak freely.... It has been nearly one month and, still, @ottman plays dumb... I am, actually, happy about this. The truth has slapped me in the face. I would rather be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie... I was actually thinking this site was something special. What I learned is that which you fear WE will, finally learn, as much as we cannot understand it, because it is not in our nature: This shit is REAL! You people are not human... You people are sick with fear of our human strength and you exploit it because you have nothing but ILLUSIONS of greatness. You have re-written his-story to satiate your need to maintain this illusion to the world... You always have been envious of us and you have been fighting, nonstop, in every way you can think of, to keep from admitting it... Isn't that right, Bill Ottman and friends? Greetings! I come in peace, but I am not afraid. I can be your friend, if you are real, or I can be your nightmare, if you condescend and attempt to convince yourself that you are superior to me. My "IQ" is 30+ points above the average white man in the USSA. And, there are plenty more where I come and around the world, that you will never hear about, because that is the way this system is designed. I have lived in 12 countries on 5 continents and traveled to many, many more. I suck at foreign languages but, I speak energy extremely well. No offense. But I am well aware of the world I live in, Anyone visiting this channel needs to understand this: How we get along is entirely up to you. If you come in peace, you will receive it. If you come with ignorance, arrogance, violence and slander, I advise you to pick on someone your own size. I am too big for you. Peace! Ntwadumela I have been called a JEW, a nigger and everything else but a man on this platform. Many cannot believe that I am a black man who has lived and has a gun loaded with truth and is not afraid to use it... Many here are working overtime, to discredit me. Look me up. "James Doberman"... go ahead.. But I warn you; you may be surprised at how impressive I am. How impressive my life has been... Especially if you are looking for dirt... ;) I am no better than you, unless you think I am. You are no better than me, unless I think you are... I think there is no one better than me. I say what "normal" people are not supposed to say, without the sugar coating or political delay... Fuck beating round the bush. All haters... Kiss my tush. -Ntwadumela- He who greets with fire.

Oct 2019
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