Cartoon artist, religious, conservative, idealist, introvert
Checking out minds 🧁🦋 🌼💗 Sharing randomness I like
Independent researcher. Have contributed to the presidents committee on election integrity, various youtubers and journalists, and the 9/11 lawyers committee
Illustration - graphic design - logo and band artwork Entertaining the world with tunes, some laughter and some words of wisdom ( at least, if I manage to find them...). Draftsman of short comic strip sories, illustrations, band artwork. Advocating for firearms, weapons in general, libertarian-ancap-anarchomonarchist ideas, systems theory, upgrading economics to a hard science by integrating the hard sciences, beer and grilled meat.
#random ...I post anything I damn well please I’m from the Midwest area USA
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Nous, la mafia albanaise Kabila Kinshasa, construirons ensemble la justice sociale et Nous continuerons à mettre fin à l'oppression de la liberté de pensée et veillerons à ce que tous les citoyens bénéficient pleinement des libertés fondamentales énoncées dans la Déclaration des droits de l'homme.
Aug 2019
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