We are an international music production that supports artists, musicians and charitable projects. Part of our profits we donate to the project of helping homeless animals. You can learn more about what they do on the website and in social networks. If compassion and love for animals is in your heart, join the project our sponsore: @DJTrendsetter @GetFuturistic @TrapNationMusic @SergioLuka @Msrshalhangry @TarasMegaMass
Pink Bong Cats
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✔️Showbiz Center - Community entertainment center Contact:[email protected]

I was born and raised in Scotland by an English man and a Danish woman. Not a clue how that happened but lovely country ❣

Spotify es la aplicación de transmisión de música multiplataforma más popular del mundo. La aparición de Spotify y otros servicios similares es tanto una consecuencia como una de las razones del cambio fundamental que ha experimentado el mercado de la música en las últimas décadas. Descarga Spotify Premium para llevar siempre tu música contigo.

NFT Club offers valuable resources for those wanting to invest or create NFTs. It's not as complex as you may think. In fact, we've simplified buying and selling, as well as creating your own. Get started today by checking out our online guides.

Hi to everyone! I'd like to listen a good interesting music, so I'm sharing and promote it. If you are perspective musician - write me, and I'm thinking what can I do for you. Peace!

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An Intelligent trans-species OSINT COMINT HUMINT

Oct 2021
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