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Arthadian Anthologies is a Creative Venture established to immerse YOU into a New Expanding Universe! Become Reborn through the #ReborninPowerRPG, the official #TabletopRPG of the #NewExpandingUniverse! Find all the links here:

Indie genre storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy presently resides in the state of Minnesota, and has 3 wonderful daughters, Cassandra, Celina, and Avery, with his ex-wife and ex-partner. He's attempting to be a good father, isn't much as a romantic partner (evidenced by the above), and hopes to serve the art of narrative and storytelling as a creator of genre fiction. In the last year, he has read and reviewed a dozen indie genre works on behalf of his colleagues in the field via his YouTube channel (Byronofsidius), and he continues to work with his publishers, Booksforabuck and Untreed Reads, as well as self-producing both commercial and free material in the arenas of fantasy, horror and science fiction. Born in 1982 near Buffalo, New York to Irish immigrants, he is an avid reader of genre fiction, an American football, hockey and MMA enthusiast, and is himself in possession of a black belt in Chinese-American Kenpo Karate, the same system practiced by the late Elvis Presley.

Digital Artist hoping whatever bad thing happens next is, at least, kinda funny. Commissions open, just message for a quote. Prints available: @_perspex on twitter

Husband, father, son, uncle, vet carpenter, roofer, welder, mason aspiring-writer, novice-coder, indie-game-dev jack-of-all-trades/master-of-[few] co-founder of Rolly Dino Studios, LLC

Welcome. Here you'll find- Art, Comedy, Gaming, fantasy, D&D, Movie Suggestions, Fiction, Original Writing, Trailers, and a general smattering of things that interest me. Subscribe now to add things of interest to your feed. Pinned to the top you will find some of my episodic fiction- character driven stories in a quick and easy to read format with a strong prose and memorable characters. If you have a look, please hit the remind to share with others. If you'd like to support, subscribe on Minds, and consider supporting via Patreon, link below. You can also hang out while I'm streaming over at twitch.

I’m a comic artists based in japan. Working in a cyberpunk style heavily influenced by 80s/90s anime. Here are my handles IG akit144 twitter akitBFPF144

The art of StarTwo “In this ocean of stars we found each other, and that’s why we are StarTwo” ✦Website✦ ✦Wordpress blog✦ Welcome! StarTwo is a duo created by Sara Ferreira and Gisela Martins, two Portuguese gals who love to concept and draw. Our tools of trade are Illustration, Concept Art, Storyboarding, Comics/Manga.

Just a friendly gamer who is writing a new High Fantasy Epic, Shattered Wings. Ask me about it!

Hi, I’m Chris, and welcome to my Minds page. I’m a freelance illustrator living in the Philadelphia area, and a graduate of the Tyler School of Art. My specialty is creating fantastical characters, creatures, and settings for the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I am open to all projects, but am particularly interested in illustrating book covers, roleplaying and board games, and packaging. As well as creating concept art for video games and miniatures. See my Portfolio at: I’m available for commercial freelance projects. Message me with a description of your project for a quote. I’m also available for personal commissions, see prices and guidelines here:

Writer, artist and D&D 5e enthusiast. I make TTRPG accessories like handcrafted artisan dice and dice bags. WEBSITE || INSTAGRAM || GAB ||

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