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Member of the Triple A Artist Group, Content an Comic Creator. YouTube:

Co-Creator of the Web Comic Phoenix Rising! Haven’t read it? Go check it out on Webtoons!

I'm a comic book fan hoping to become a comic creator. I sub back other creators and artists.

I'm an artist, and an engineering student from India. I'll be posting art tutorials and engineering graphics tutorials on this channel!

CERAMIC LOFT is a collective of ceramic artists from Singapore. We create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that are a combination of quality materials and artisanship. Pieces imbued with our passion for clay and reflective of our artistic inspirations.

A channel designed to post the process of Flowers from the Deep, an Indie Webcomic written by S. Milan, Drawn and illustrated by David T. Cabrera and lettered/edited by HdE. Updates every Friday. .

USA based Freelance Illustrator/Artist Available for Hire

Do you love horror, weird fiction, Halloween, creepy things? You've heard of car porn, earth porn, word porn...Now brace yourself for...Monster Porn! When Matt and wannabe sorcerer Bret accidentally summon an eldritch horror, trapping him in the body of an adorable teacup piggie, they are compelled to create the horror anthology podcast that will destroy the world. It's chock-full of cosmic horror, bloody thrillers, bad comedy, werewolves, vampires, tentacle-bearing Lovecraftian horrors, and bizarro epics.

lofi rap tapes and cartoon art

Ink and Watercor sketching. You can buy my drawings as high quality print or commission sketches via my website:

Freelance graphics designer, trying to make it a full time thing.

Dec 2019
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